are you going to do anything awesome for your birthday?? (happy birthday for when it comes!)

Um, no I wasn’t planning on anything!

But thank you!

got any favorite books? ovo

No actually, not really.

I really like the Harry Potter series though, I guess.

uh hey kid, you wouldn't of happened to see fire works around here would ya?

:) No, haven’t seen any fireworks…



Too much work, bro! How many more signatures do you have to get?

Um like.. -counts-

83 more :(

You should change the petition to a basket ball court AND a skatepark.

Get your own petition!

hey cross! do you have any favorite things to do outside of basketball? (also i'll sign your petition too!)

I like to read mostly. And thanks!! :)

*gasps* I havnt played basket ball in years! i'll sign it for ya~!!!

8)))) Thank  you!!

hah thank you~! Hey i heard ya had a little petition thing goin' on, whats it for???

Yeah! I’ve got a petition to get a basketball court here at camp!

wow! your eyes are so cool!!!

Hah um thanks… Yours too….